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  • USCIS medical exam

    Immigration Medical Exam: The Complete Guide

    Published on August 17, 2021

    No matter your route to getting a green card USCIS requires all immigrants to go through a medical exam. As with everything in regards to immigration, there are specific protocols and regulations for a USCIS medical exam. Learn everything you need to know about the exam here.

  • Green Card Without Sponsorship

    Green Card Without Sponsorship

    Published on January 02, 2020

    There are two major ways of becoming a U.S. green card holder. Outside of a few exceptions, you can either obtain a family-based or an employment-based green card. Every year, thousands of foreign nationals become lawful permanent residents in the United States through these two main channels.

  • Getting a Green Card Without Marriage

    How to Get a Green Card Without Marriage

    Published on June 11, 2019

    As a foreign national, there are several ways through which you can become a U.S. green card holder and lawfully live and work permanently in the U.S. Broadly speaking, green card eligibility can be categorized into three different groups. The first one is family-based green cards for spouses, parents, siblings, and dependent children of U.S….

  • Green Card vs Citizenship

    Green Card vs Citizenship

    Published on August 14, 2018

    If you read enough about immigration law, you might think that a U.S. green card is the pinnacle of achievement–the end of the immigration journey. But just because you are a lawful permanent resident, doesn’t mean that there isn’t more out there. U.S. citizens enjoy rights and privileges that green card holders do not. The…