Achieving US citizenship can often be a long and arduous process if you’re unfamiliar with the procedures. Fortunately, we’ve simplified the process to ensure the best possible outcome for your case in the most efficient time frame.

Citizenship Articles

  • Cover photo of the Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) overview page

    Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA): Eligibility, Application, Requirements, Checklist

    Published on July 07, 2022

    The birth of a child is a joyful moment and a responsibility – one such responsibility is sorting out your child’s citizenship. On this page, you will learn about a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA), eligibility requirements, CRBA application, the role of parents’ residence status, and processing time. You will also be provided with…

  • citizenship vs nationality 

    Citizenship vs. Nationality | What’s the Difference?

    Published on June 23, 2022

    Often people confuse the difference between citizenship vs. nationality when describing where they come from and their inherited cultural background. When it comes to immigration matters it’s essential to understand the difference between the two terms. In this post, we’ll explore not only citizenship vs. nationality but also the difference between nationality vs. ethnicity and…

  • expanded premium processing

    How to Apply for a Certificate of Citizenship via Form N-600

    Published on August 02, 2021

    A Certificate of Citizenship is how individuals born outside of the United States to citizen parent(s) can prove U.S. citizenship. This certificate is important because it can be used as proof of citizenship to obtain a U.S. passport and other immigration services for a spouse or relative down the line. Form N-600, Application for Certificate…

  • ss5 form

    Everything You Wanted to Know About the SS5 Form

    Published on May 12, 2021

    If you are changing your immigration status from green card holder to U.S. citizen, you will need to obtain a Social Security card for the first time by printing out Form SS-5,  Social Security Administration: Application for a Social Security Card, filling in the information and either mailing your application or taking it to your local…

  • biden citizenship test

    Biden Citizenship Test Reverts to Pre-Trump Test

    Published on February 23, 2021

    President Biden’s citizenship test will eliminate the Trump administration’s recent change to the test. USCIS issued a policy alert on Monday regarding the Biden Administration’s decision to eliminate the Trump-era naturalization civics test, which was highly criticized for its more stringent questions. Instead, the test will revert to the 2008 version beginning March 1, 2021….

  • Citizenship Through Military Service

    How to Get Citizenship Through Military Service

    Published on February 05, 2021

    The United States honors itself in taking care of its military members. One way it helps its service members is by offering a special pathway to citizenship through military service. The pathway for service members includes many benefits for members and their families. Still, there are meticulous and strict statutes that must be followed to…

  • good moral character

    Do You Have the Good Moral Character USCIS is Looking For?

    Published on February 01, 2021

    When going through the naturalization interview, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officer will judge whether you have the good moral character required to be a citizen of the United States. Good moral character seems like such a subjective requirement for citizenship. You might be wondering if it’s enough to look at the officer…

  • citizenship f.a.q.

    Common 32 Citizenship F.A.Q. Finally Answered

    Published on January 25, 2021

    Citizenship may seem like a simple process, but as you start going through the application process questions will naturally arise. We’ve collected and answered 32 of the most common citizenship F.A.Q. to help you through the process.